5 Best UPI Payment Apps For Android

Updated on November 22, 2022

After returning Modi 2.0 in PM Modi 2.0 in 2019, digital India’s rise continues to advance. UPI payments constitute a significant factor in this process. Additionally, the nationwide lockdown triggered by COVID-19 in 2020 has led to an exponential increase in the number of people who use electronic financial payments.

In this period, UPI transactions’ value UPI transactions skyrocketed by 105 percent in the year 2020. In this article, we will look at the Best UPI Payment Apps for Android mobile in India

for simple and quick transactions. Before we get started, we need to know what a UPI is. UPI means Unified Payments Interface. UPI payments have made an enormous leap forward, and now the mobile app store is overflowing with new and creative UPI apps for India.

A brief introduction to UPI It is an instant, real-time payment system created by NPCI, the acronym for National Payments Corporation of India that assists in bank-to-bank transactions instantly by moving funds between two banks via the web or mobile platform. Due to this development in UPI payments, the money can be transferred to any person in the country in a matter of minutes.

Ultimately, not all applications available on the Play Store are equally practical for UPI payments. In many cases, the interface of specific UPI applications in India could initially be difficult to comprehend. In this post, we’ve curated the Top 5 Best  UPI Payment Apps for Android mobile in India available in India that are easy to use and are worth a look.

What exactly is UPI?

NPIC created UPI (Unified Payment Interface). It works on a real-time basis on mobile devices. It’s instantaneously sending money between two accounts at banks, but you’ll require the VPA( Virtual Payment Address) .this VPA is one that you to create with the BHIM app or any other bank application. UPI is a way of sending and receiving money quickly. Therefore it assists cashless India. UPI payment plays a significant part in India in enabling digital. Thus, India’s digital system grows throughout the day and the night.

List of the Best 5 UPI Payment Apps

Best UPI Payment Apps For Android

1. PhonePe


PhonePe is the most popular and best UPI application in India. Its functionality is a Digital wallet and an electronic commerce payment system. Flipkart is the parent phone company. PhonePe.

This app is now owned by Flipkart and offers a UPI payment system operated with BHIM UPI, Icici bank, and yes bank. (you can use Every Bank)

PhonePe was established in December 2015. It is the most rapid money transfer and payment. This makes life easier day-to-day.

PhonePe offers services like Payment systems, including mobile wallets, digital wallets, and online purchasing. You can transfer and receive money via phone by recharging DTH mobiles data cards, paying utility bills, purchasing gold, and so on. PhonePe offers all payment options through UPI. PhonePe also has its PhonePe wallets, which means it’s a rapid money transfer.

There’s good news for you: PhonePe has many offers, including cashback, so you will save more money with PhonePe.

2. Paytm


Paytm was the top digital payment platform in India. It is the country’s most extensive digital wallet service, having the most downloads of UPI applications on the Android and iOS platforms. The dominant player in the QR code-based offline transactions across India Paytm has about 59% market share. 5.93 percent market share of UPI transactions.

Because of its fantastic user interface and offering various options in one application, Paytm has attracted several customers. Verify KYC, and you’re ready to have the Paytm Payment bank account. After that, you’ll be able to take advantage of the benefits of credit card bill payment, linked Rupay virtual debit card Access to Paytm Online eCommerce store through Paytm App or Paytm Mall with a unique Buy Now Pay Later service available to ICICI Bank customers, and many more! Paytm is the most used application for money transfer in India and is expected to be so.

3. Google Pay

Google Pay

Google Pay (formerly known as Tez) is the number one app on this list. Google Pay is one of the more unique and innovative UPI payment applications in India developed by Google. Google Pay also leads in India’s UPI transactions in value and marketing. Google Pay has more than 6.7 crore daily active customers in India.

Google Pay has partnered with four PSP banks across India, including SBI, ICICI, Axis Bank, and HDFC Bank, to provide VPA service in India. This payment application does not offer a wallet option; consequently, no KYC documents are required for this app to function. All you need is an account with a bank, and your mobile number must be linked to the report. It is possible to create VPA IDs by installing an application called the Google Pay App and transaction MPIN verifying the debit card linked to your account. The VPA ID can be used as your Gmail ID @okhdfc, SBI the axis, axis, or ICICI.

Google Pay is the first UPI app to enable The Proximity function (NFC Technology) within its platform. Google Pay simplified the NFC Technology and introduced a new technology that captures the ultrasonic frequency of the phone’s microphone and speaker (Called Audio QR Technology). So, every smartphone can connect via audio QR Technology using ultra-high-frequency sound waves. At present, only CashMode utilizes this method.

4. Amazon Pay

Amazon Pay

As of August 2022, Amazon pay was the fourth largest app used to make UPI transactions. Amazon pays processed 37.15 million transactions with a value of Rs 3,624.51 crores in total transactions value during this month.

The massive name of Amazon assisted Amazon Pay to scale at the speed it has in India in a short time. In addition, it is integrated with most shopping and payment services and offers fantastic cash-back benefits; Amazon pay has recently become the fav of UPI users.

5. Freecharge


Freecharge is a Gurgaon-based Fintech startup that was recently acquired from Axis Bank.

It’s one of the most well-known UPI money transfer applications in India and has one of the top ratings in the field of UPI money transfer apps on both the play store and the app store; and completely legitimate. Connecting several bank accounts linked to your registered mobile number for this Freecharge App is possible. Upload a few KYC documents, and you’ll be able to create an online FreeCharge wallet! It’s as simple as that. The main benefit that the app has is its numerous cashback deals, discounts in-app as well as other appealing offers. Additionally, you can invest in Direct Mutual Funds using the application.

It’s an app you must try for those interested in UPI transactions and online shopping who want to take advantage of great discounts.


With the advancement of mobile payments technology in India, Numerous old and brand new UPI payment apps have been launched available in India. They have introduced several innovative changes to and around the electronic payment method. Mobile users can now transfer funds between accounts using the latest and most innovative technology.

Today, you have the Best UPI Payment Apps for Android mobile in India to make payments on your charge card with the UPI app that provides instant credit confirmation. The distinctive feature of UPI makes it extremely popular, not just with Indian Companies but also with multinational companies. In a nation like India, which is far behind other Western countries regarding advanced technology, a payments application like UPI could help us move just a few steps further towards the digitization of the economy.

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