Which is the Best Internet Browser for Windows & Mac

Updated on November 22, 2022

The browser wars continue to get heated, but one of the main competitors has been eliminated forever: Internet Explorer. Microsoft declared that Internet Explorer, the once undisputed top browser in terms of market share and the foundation to make interactive web-based applications, will cease support on June 15th, 2022. With new players in the market and old-fashioned applications bringing forth new technologies in terms of conveniences, safety, and features, the selection of browser software is the same as it has ever been.

In the past few years, the landscape of browsers has been dominated by Google. Google is the same company that provides more web content than every competitor (according to ComScore(Opens in an entirely open window)). Also, it states that it owns more significant than 60 percent of the overall browser market, with Chrome (based in StatCounter(Opens in the New windows) as well as W3Counter(Opens in the open new tab) data).

Best Internet Browser For Windows & Mac

Best Internet Browser For Windows & Mac

This is for desktop usage; however, if you want to add to mobile, Chrome is still king. It is so dominant Chrome that most other browsers use the Chromium rendering engine as their base and make Firefox the sole top-to-bottom competitor that is independent.

1. Google Chrome:

Google Chrome

Google Chrome launched on Windows in 2008, but since then has extended its reach to Mac and Linux computers, along with iOS and Android tablets and smartphones.

One of the most appealing features of Chrome is its accessibility on many platforms since it is possible to connect your browsing history and other data across multiple devices. All you need to do is sign in to the account you have created with your Google account.

The internet browser is exceptionally fast, especially for loading sites operated by Google like Gmail or YouTube. While other browsers can take some time to load the YouTube movie, Chrome generally starts to play the videos immediately after being connected to an internet connection.

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2. Vivaldi:


Vivaldi is a convincing argument to be the best choice for Mac. It’s also built upon Chromium (check for Chromium and Chrome for 2022). Vivaldi offers many of the same extensions available in Brave and Chrome. It’s not as responsive as Chrome; however, it’s more efficient than Firefox and is excellent for those who want something fast which isn’t an official Google product.

But, users using iOS are aware that there’s not a mobile app for Vivaldi, and it could be unusable for those stuck in the Apple ecosystem. That’s why it cannot take the top spot on this list; for alternatives to iOS, look through our list of the best browsers.

If you’re a person of the creative kind and love to alter the look of your browser, Vivaldi has plenty of customizable options to help achieve the look you desire. You can change your color schemes, alter an interface that can mimic the hue of the page you’re on, and modify the homepage. Another exciting option is the possibility of naming the search engines a name.

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3. Brave:


Brave is a web-based browser that is focused on security and privacy. This web browser blocks ad cookies, cookies and phishing, and malware. It also provides you with options to enable HTTPS Everywhere and block fingerprinting of your browser.

The security features listed above will provide you with peace of mind if you’re the type of person who is concerned about your online privacy. These security measures ensure that websites load faster than other browsers.

Brave’s cryptocurrency, called the Basis Attention Token (BAT), makes it different from the other web browsers. The Brave browser includes a software wallet to store BAT tokens. The tokens financially support the website’s owners or creators of online content while you browse their range within the browser. Users can earn BAT as well by enabling Brave-run advertisements during browsing.

Brave is accessible across Windows, Mac, and Linux computers and iOS and Android tablets and smartphones.

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4. Safari:


Safari is the browser of choice used by macOS. At first, it was seen as a way to download a new, more efficient, and better version of the browser; recent updates have helped Safari make its case for being the best choice in the eyes of Mac users. We like it because it has the most elegant design of the browsers, allowing more excellent website space and less space for its bookmarks and menus at the top.

In the most recent version of Safari (for Mac OS Monterrey), we’ve noticed an enormous improvement in performance. Tests on benchmarks show that Chrome still beats Safari in the real world; however, in usage, the experience is nearly the same, something we could not say about previous versions of Apple’s built-in web browser.

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5. Mozilla Firefox:

Mozilla Firefox

Firefox was the first trailblazer of online browsing. While other browsers had an open design, Firefox was the first to provide add-on features. Different browsers have come in; however, Firefox delivers consistent, secure add-ons that can be used for blocking ads, password management, and removing autoplay on embedded videos.

Firefox remains to be one of the most secure browsers available. It utilizes malware protection to block unwanted trackers who monitor your online activities. In our tests, it was able to block several trackers that are typically concealed within websites.

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6. DuckDuckGo:


DuckDuckGo is a secure internet browser that has desktop and mobile applications. It blocks, by default, all online tracking and does not upload your history of searches to any servers. If you’re still worried about private information, erase all tabs and files by clicking on the “flame” icon within the top menu.

One feature privacy-conscious users will love can be found in the Security Rating displayed right next to the current site’s web address in the upper right-hand corner of the display. Websites are graded between D to A by their encryption level and the number of detected trackers. Clicking on this rating will open an entire report card that contains a staggering amount of information about how they came to the score.

The browser comes with dark and light themes and the lock option with a requirement for Touch ID, Face ID, or a passcode to access the application.

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7. Opera


Always hovering at around the 2-2% mark, The Opera browser has been a leader in this sector, inventing fundamental innovations such as tabs, CSS, and, of course, the integrated search box. Opera has a more extraordinary privacy claim than another browser if you believe in VPNs. Opera comes with an inbuilt VPN (an encryption proxy server) that protects and redirects traffic to Opera.

Opera uses the Chromium page rendering engine, meaning you’ll never encounter problems with the site. Additionally, the Speed of performance is quick and has been one of the significant advantages of Opera.

Beyond the VPN Another unique feature of Opera is the built-in ad blocker that blocks trackers and crypto-mining scripts. Be aware that Opera has added protection against crypto-mining earlier than Firefox did. (Google is still considering including similar protections for Chrome.) The blocking of ads also results in less data consumption, which is particularly important for people who use limited connections or cell plans with data caps.

Other unique features of Opera include its Speed Dial beginning and new tab page and its fast-access sidebar that contains frequently used services such as WhatsApp and Spotify. Video pop-out windows and a pinboard feature that is similar to Edge’s Collections, as well as the Workspaces, feature that allows you to create tab views based on functions. The browser is the only one to offer a cryptocurrency wallet that supports Bitcoin along with Tron.

Opera offers a gaming variant known as Opera GX, and the company recently acquired a gaming engine, making a move.

On mobile devices, Opera Touch is a beautifully developed app that connects (via simple scanning of QR codes) to your computer. My Flow is the outcome of this connection, and it lets you share notes and web pages across devices effortlessly.

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This guide outlined the primary aspects of the best seven web browsers, helping our users decide which is the best fit for their requirements.

If you’re looking for easy, simple web browsing, Firefox, Chrome, or Opera could be your best choices. DuckDuckGo and Vivaldi have some unique and innovative features, while Microsoft Edge can be the ideal browser for those who prefer shopping online.

The Brave browser software can assist people in earning rewards when surfing or writing content. Epic Privacy Software is the best browser on the web for people seeking security from information and data trackers. Apple Safari is, however, the most efficient browser on the planet, but it will cost a significant sum of money to install and can be confusing for some users.

So, these were the best internet browser for Windows & Mac OS.

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