Top 5 Best Action Games For Android

Updated on November 22, 2022

Best Action Games for Android is a very hard thing to find. So, we have decided to share the 5 Best Games Based on Action with you. Games that require action are the most loved games on any platform. They keep the blood flowing and your fingers moving, and it is an excellent opportunity to try to assess your reaction as well as your wits of yours. Many action games are available, including shooting games, fighting games, the game of a lifetime, platformers, and many more. But the essence of a great action game is that it keeps your interest.

Best Action Games For Android

What is an Action Game?

A game of action is a video game that focuses on physical challenges requiring hand-eye coordination and reaction time. It encompasses a wide range of sub-genres like fighting games, beat ’em-ups shooting games, and platform games. Battle arena online multiplayer and certain real-time strategy games are classified as action games.

In an action game, the player controls characters, often the protagonist or avatar. The nature of players must move through an area, collecting objects as well as avoiding obstacles and combating enemies with their abilities as well as using weapons and other equipment that they have at their disposal.

After completing the level or levels, the player usually has to defeat a boss opponent, which is more complex and frequently an antagonist of significant importance to the game’s narrative. The enemies’ attacks and obstacles drain the character’s health and lives. The player can restart the game if they’re out of life.

In other cases, players get to the game’s conclusion by completing a sequence of levels to reach a specific goal and also see the credits. However, some games that require action, like arcade games from the beginning, are unbeatable and feature unending levels. The player’s sole goal is to complete as many levels as possible to maximize their score.

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Top 5 Best Action Games For Android

  • Endurance
  • Call of Duty Mobile
  • Dead Cells
  • DOOM
  • Ailment

This is the list but here I am going to explain about selected top 5 most popular action games on Android. Let’s see below:-

  1. Endurance

Endurance Game

Endurance is a classic top-down shooter in a retro style. It’s essentially an arcade action game. There’s a choice of various weapons, multiplayer capabilities as well as lots of violence. This game is not suitable for younger. However, the controls are simple enough to master, and the retro-style graphic style is charming. The game also has a few things to enjoy, like hidden Easter eggs and a plot to follow. This game keeps the action moving in all its retro splendor, even when you have to go through an ad to keep yourself energized now and then.

  1. Call Of Duty: Mobile of Duty: Mobile

Call Of Duty Mobile Game

Call of Duty: Mobile was a great choice to begin this list, as it’s the most action-packed action game on our list and is undoubtedly one of the top action games available on Android.

It’s Call of Duty in the manner you’d expect. However, it’s sized to be compatible with mobile devices without losing any original quality or enjoyable gameplay. The graphics are stunning.

It is now in its 12th season at the moment of writing; Call Of Duty: Mobile continues to add new modes, maps, and guns to enhance your gear. With the switch to the new battle pass system, the game is far superior to what it was when it began its launch in October of this year.

If you are a fan of Call of Duty for the guns, you’ll appreciate the gunsmith option that was added to the game a few months later. Modern Warfare introduced this feature. Although it’s a free-to-play game, and the loot chests can become somewhat out of hand, there are some unlockables for free (good ones, at the time of this) that you can get through playing with your battle pass.

There’s no reason not to check the game Call of Duty: Mobile unless you dislike free games or first-person shooter action games. In any case, you can grab it and start playing.

  1. Dead Cells

Dead Cells Game

Dead Cells is another game in the action genre that is an inverse-scrolling, side-scrolling model of Metroidvania. It also adds aspects of roguelike gameplay, meaning that if you crash, you will have to start over at the beginning.

This grueling test is what makes Dead Cells hard to put down. Mainly if you are determined to improve on the last time you played.

Permadeath is not a joke. This feature can make some players hesitant about the idea of using it. However, the risk of permadeath will force you to improve your skills and understand how your enemies work. Over time, you’ll get better and beat your enemies.

It is also an exciting experience because every playthrough can result in a different experience enough to keep interested at a high level.

  1. DOOM

Doom Game

There’s no need to introduce DOOM, so there’s no need to submit. It’s a classic game, but it has been improved to modern technology after being rebuilt with Unity. You can play with your WADs and the game also has 60FPS gaming for seamless operation.

Even controllers and keyboards can be used. The game can be played on DOOM on the Android version almost anywhere you’d like, using the controls you like regardless of whether you’re on the move using an Android smartphone or relaxing for a long game using your Chromebook. If you’re looking for a great classic shooter, action DOOM is an excellent option.

  1. Ailment

Ailment Game

It’s a high-flying sci-fi shooter loaded with movies and horror-themed elements. There are many weapons and enemies to eliminate, a single-player campaign to finish, and PvP to improve your abilities. It’s a graphic and brutal game, which makes it not the most child-friendly. But, it’s still an enjoyable experience.

The game has you wake awake on a mysterious ship floating in space. The crew has all gone evil, and you must kill them all to escape. The game isn’t all grim, with plenty of humor and allusions to popular culture and other media that will make you laugh. Retro pixel art looks great, and retro pixel art is also fantastic.

The PvP side lets you take on with strangers or friends in a battle to the finish. You can collect a range of skins and guns to personalize your game.

This violent top-down shooter is fun to play with lots of killing, references, and other things to keep your interest.


Android is home to many games in a wide range of genres, from action games to, and that’s why this top list will be focused on. With the many options of action-oriented games available on Android, We decided to select the top ones for you to get your teeth into. We’ve got covered if you’re looking for something quick-paced or more private. I hope you have loved these 5 Best Action Games for Android.

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