5 Best Wireless Gaming Headsets Under Rs.5000

Updated on November 22, 2022

Wireless gaming headphones are among the most affordable accessories you can purchase for your gaming PC. Just like the wireless gaming mouse, a wireless gaming headset can immerse you in your favorite games’ action while moving around freely. We will share the 5 Best Wireless Gaming Headsets Under Rs.5000 in this article.

It is possible to lean in to take a closer look or recline your seat for a relaxing break between games, or even stroll into another room for drinks – and all the while knowing that fabulous headphones for gaming wireless will allow you to stay connected to the music coming from your game. No cables being snagged or pulling you off your headset.

Top 5 Best Wireless Gaming Headsets Under Rs.5000

Best Wireless Gaming Headsets Under Rs.5000

These are the top gaming headphones for under 5000 Rupees:-

  1. Soundcore By Anker Life Q10


Moving down the list, we’ve got another Bluetooth headphone under 5000 known as the Soundcore Life Q10 by Anker. It’s the cheapest headphone on our list, yet it is one of the most attractive models in the market. The stylish foldable headphones are made from plastic, which makes them relatively light. They can be easily folded, making them an excellent choice for individuals who travel often.

The headband and earcups are padded with a soft cushion that makes it quite comfortable. One earcup has a built-in microphone to allow participants to take calls or attend meetings, while the other features buttons with multiple functions to control track volume and volume. There is also a Bass-up button that you can use to toggle between balanced and amplified mode, which I’m sure bass enthusiasts will appreciate.

The package comes with an AUX cable from the box, allowing users to use it as the headphones are wired. It has Bluetooth v5.0 support, which is impressive considering the price level.

Regarding audio quality, The Life Q10 comes loaded with 40mm drivers that produce adequate audio output. Although it’s not the top choice among our options, it’s acceptable for the money it’s offered. The bass-up mode functions well, and bass heads are sure to be enthralled, and I’ll bet on it.

The headphones include the USB type C connection to charge, and in only 5 minutes of charging, it can provide up to five hours of backup, which is impressive. Anker says the headphones will last up to 60 hours fully charged, which is plenty to stay for a day of use. If you’re searching for headphones that can be used on the go and are comfortable for long hours, then Anker Soundcore Life Q10 makes the ideal choice for you.

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  1. JBL Tune 700BT


If you’re here, I’m guessing that the previous two headphones aren’t your style, and this headphone is quite different from the last two and is more appealing for casual users.

JBL Tune 700BT JBL Tune 700BT headphones are Bluetooth 4.0-powered headphones made by JBL. The headphones are also compatible with an AUX cable that I prefer to connect to my laptop when I play games since gaming with the Bluetooth headphones can be an enormous mess.

The headphones have a minimalist design, with a black body, which adds a high-end look. There is cushioning throughout it, particularly around the cups, which ensures it is comfortable for long hours of use. The best part is that it has all controls on the earcups. This makes it easy to switch tracks and control the volume. The built-in Microphone works very well, and the audio quality is good enough for meetings and calls.

Regarding audio quality, these headphones are powered by 40mm drivers, and the sound quality will not be a problem when using them.

If you’re one of the bassheads who have to turn off more than two headphones since they included a bass boost, your search ends here. The Bluetooth is reliable and doesn’t have any connectivity issues. At the highest volume, it could comfortably last up to 20 hours which is quite acceptable.

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  1. Tribit Quiteplus50: The Best Noise Cancellation


Tribit’s Active Noise Cancelling headphones provide the best solution for those sensitive to sound. The ANR effect works both in wireless and wired modes. The large-aperture drivers of 50mm provide outstanding sound quality and dynamic bass.

The ergonomic earcups provide an enjoyable wearing experience and excellent isolation from noise. Acoustic mesh technology that is efficient minimizes ear fatigue as well as loss of sound from the background.

With its convenience and high-quality sound, The Tribit Quiteplus50 is an innovative product that sets a new benchmark in its field. It redefines quality and performance. The innovative appearance of Tribit Quiteplus50 is just a glimpse of what this revolutionary product can offer you.

  1. Jabra Move: Top Headphones Under 5000 with Microphone


Unique 40 mm drivers that provide an improved listening experience

It showcases smoothed-out Ear pads and thin pivots. It also has a straight-fit headband.

Make sure you control your earphones and your telephone’s effectiveness with just one click. That is a long way off using an amplifier.

Enjoy the music you love With the Jabra Motion Stereo Headphones. The sweat-proof headset plays music via your mobile or smartphone and provides a high-quality bass and treble sound in the style of hi-fi music.

It was designed to appeal to music lovers and those who enjoy a casual listening experience with comfortable earcups that can be changed depending on your preference. Its 10-meter reach makes it possible to roam around freely streaming music via your smartphone.

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  1. Philips ActionFit: Ideal for running


With style specifically for sports, Philips’ ActionFit headphones are comfortable ear cups with small flat-folding designs that make them easy to transport and sweat-resistant, and excellent thanks to cooling ear cups.

They have an IPX4 water-proof rating and can withstand splashes from any direction. They can also stand up to more than a small amount of sweat, making them perfect for an intense workout or going into the fitness center.

The earcups are made so that your ears will feel like they’re in their normal position when put on. The headband comes of soft and breathable Sportatherm material that will ensure you are comfortable throughout the day. The design that folds flat makes it simple to transport and put away, making them ideal for a trip to the gym or putting them into your bag when you run.

It is equipped with washable cushions, allowing the cushion to be cleaned by a machine following an intense exercise. The built-in Microphone with echo cancellation lets you call while cycling or running, ensuring your security.

With its Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, you can listen to your favorite music or films without worrying about wires. It also has the track forward and back buttons, so you can skip over any way you want. It is designed with an ergonomic shape that ensures maximum comfort when doing long workouts. It has a travel bag which makes transporting it simple.


The best wireless gaming headset under Rs.5000 gives you the freedom to move about while speaking on Discord with your friends or bouncing to your favorite music. In addition, the best wireless headsets can last for days on charging. And when you need to charge it up, it will be done quickly, even without the need to plug it in any way. It’s no surprise that the top wireless gaming headsets will have full-quality audio. However, it must also be simple to use.

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