5 Best Music Streaming Apps for Android

Updated on November 22, 2022

If you visit the Google Play Store, you will find various music streaming services. Certain music streaming apps permit users to listen without cost; however, most are paid-for services requiring users to purchase an expensive subscription.

Music streaming has expanded dramatically since its beginnings and is now one of the most effective methods to enjoy music. A lot of streaming services allow you to listen for no cost, which has helped reduce the use of piracy. However, musicians still receive at the very least a small amount from their work. Also, it’s easy to access with many choices. If you’re looking for a way to stream your music, here are the 5 Best Music Streaming Apps for Android and streaming services available for Android! Because music streaming is a challenging task to effectively complete, we don’t expect this list to change within the next few years unless something truly innovative comes along.

Whatever your reason, Music streams apps offer us a simple way to enjoy our favorite Music. Furthermore, the audio quality is outstanding and can save a lot of external or internal storage for our Android.

Best Music Streaming Apps For Android

Best Music Streaming Apps For Android

We’re here again with our curated list of the 5 Best Music Streaming Apps for Android. It draws the top Android apps list to offer you a selection focused solely on streaming and playback of music. Here are our top choices for the ultimate music player apps that are available for Android. This will be an excellent choice, from traditional streaming services to apps that let you play the music you downloaded locally and apps that can do both. Well, we have also shared a tutorial for android lovers on how to install custom ROM, you must check it out too.

1. Shazam


Shazam is an excellent reverse audio search engine that’s ideal for those times when you don’t know the title of a song you heard in a shop, movie, or car.

It listens to the music track that is played and tells you the song’s title and the singer. It allows you to share your discoveries and watch a music clip of the song on YouTube and then play it on Spotify. You can also get tour dates, browse the discography, read album reviews, and build a Pandora station with the same artist.

Every song you discover through the app is saved as a tag. Tags can be shared with acquaintances and see their findings as well.

Occasionally, you can see the lyrics unfold as you listen based on the tune it’s identifying.

If you sign up for an account as a user, you’ll be able to browse your Shazamed music on your computer. The free app works on iPhone, iPad, Android devices, and macOS, as well as Apple Watch, Android Wear, and macOS.

2. Spotify


Spotify is a great music application that lets you connect to artists and music directly from your desktop. Similar to Pandora, it is possible to create a radio station where it plays music recommended according to your first fascination.

Discover music by looking through recent releases and top lists and for playlists and most loved albums and artists. Add your top songs to your music library and listen to the songs over and over again.

One thing that makes playlists fun with Spotify is that anyone can create one they can share with friends so they can listen to the same songs within the app. It allows for multiple notifications via push, alerting you of things such as an album released by an artist you’ve been following and when your playlist has been changed.

The basic version is completely free. Spotify Premium plans exist if you’d like to get rid of advertisements, play any track anytime, download music, and much more.

Get the app on Android, iPhone, iPad, Kindle Fire, and your Windows, Linux, or Mac computer. It is also compatible with the Apple Watch, even offering Premium users the option to download podcasts, playlists, and albums straight to the Watch. Spotify can also let all users control playback using your Apple Watch on wireless speakers, TVs, and other devices.

3. YouTube Music


YouTube Music provides a staggering amount of music and videos from well-known artists and lesser-known and niche content creators. The powerful recommendation engine adjusts seamlessly to give music and videos based on the music you’ve played, the time, your location, and what’s going on. The intelligent search feature can help you locate music even if you don’t know the song’s name.

YouTube’s Music video selection includes the most famous music videos, live recordings of interviews, concert footage, and much more, covering years of music and artists’ work. Add music to your library and make playlists, or pick from a range of pre-made playlists. It can create an entire playlist for you, depending on the type of music you enjoy on your headphone.

The basic version, which is ad-supported, is available for free. Music Premium ($9.99 per month) allows you to listen and view without ads and has an audio-only mode that will enable you to listen to a song with no video. Music plays even when the screen isn’t active. There’s an additional Family and Student plan. You can try the premium edition for trial for free and then try it out to determine if upgrading is worth the cost.

4. Amazon Music


If you’re an Amazon Prime subscriber and a Prime subscriber, then Amazon Music might be the most suitable music streaming app for you as it’s available at a lower cost. However,

Amazon’s music streaming service is an excellent alternative for people who aren’t Prime subscribers.

Amazon Music brings over 75 million tracks and ten million podcast episodes for the exact cost that is $9.99 each month ($7.99 monthly for subscribers to Prime). For the price, you will get high-quality, lossless music on CD. The company also offers a selection of tracks in a resonant 3D Music format.

The music streaming app on Android does not have a lot of famous artists but allows you to import music files with no problems. As an Amazon Music user, you can comment on and listen to tracks and share them with acquaintances and download them if there is a possibility to download. Amazon Music is mainly for those who want to discover new artists ahead of anyone else.

5. Gaana


Gaana is the most popular streaming music app that can meet every music need. It offers access online for free to your most-loved Hindi Songs, Bollywood music, and songs from the region. You can download the songs from your favorite singers without difficulty.

Users will enjoy a free music experience that is ad-free, and the quality of the music is top-quality. The app is available in 10 languages. You can sign up to Gaana by paying only 99 rupees per month, and you can renew it by using the account of your Google pay balance. Well, if you have downloaded the APK file and want to install it directly on our device. We have already shared a tutorial on how to install APK file?


Now, you’re informed about the 5 Best Music Streaming Apps for Android you can download for Android devices. I recommend that you first test Amazon music because of its unique features and the fact that there are no limitations for users. You can also listen to music with a white or black theme. It’s also a budget and not too expensive streaming app for those who want to stream.

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